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    Customers Reviews :

    Stephany Fay II - 29/05/2020
    This is a wonderful product easy to assemble very well made
    Blake Lang - 12/11/2020
    Tent works great, growing plants during the winter months in alberta.
    Johann Dooley - 02/01/2021
    Would totally recommend Mars to anyone!
    Vince Green V - 10/11/2020
    This is my 1st plant. I have to say that everything is going very well. The grow light, and the soil must be awesome because my plant is way bigger than I thought halfway through the growing phase. I have a feeling it is going to grow some tasty buds 🙂
    Wanda Adams PhD - 20/03/2021
    product helped make bigger healthier buds sooner in comparison with plants fed without KoolBloom